Rated power

3,6 kW (4,8 PK)


3,6 kW (4,8 PK)

Brush drive


Brush diameter

570 mm

Brush composition

4 segments, 8 rods


With the MUG-II weedripper you will remove the weeds quickly and easily


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In addition to weeds, the MUG-II also removes dirt mechanically. So especially the fertile soil, the breeding ground, in which new weeds can grow. This allows you to achieve a much longer clean effect with one round.

Minimum discomfort with this weedripper

Little vibriation and noise coming from the motor. Low vibration level,  the MOSQUITO-II meets the BS EN ISO 5349 standard. And the emission values comply with the latest environmental requirements. So the
MOSQUITO-II is virtually nuisance-free.

On the right side of the machine, the brush is mounted a little outside the machine. For optimum comfort when working along walls etc.
The height of the handlebar is steplessly adjustable











Front mud guard can be used on both the left and right side
weedripper, weed brush machine
The brushspeed is adjustable on the handlebar









weedripper, weed brush machine
The brush consists of 4 separate segments, for easy transport and replacement
weedripper, weedbrush, weedrippermachine, weedbrushmachine
The height of the MUG-II is easily adjustable in a central location









Vibration dampers are mounted in the handlebar for extra comfort
With the MUG-II you can easily remove the most stubborn weeds in hard-to-reach places

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