NIMOS has been supplying machines for cleaning, greenery management & maintenance for more than 40 years. In those forty years many new machines were designed. Four decades of NIMOS in pictures.

NIMOS was founded by Nico Drost Sr. in 1976. In the early years, NIMOS built various agricultural machines in collaboration with the agricultural college in Wageningen. Including a vineyard tractor, an onion burner and a pickle picker.

In 1987 NIMOS entered the world of Garden and Park technology and started serial production. The first trailer line was introduced

Also in 1987 the first municipalities asked for an alternative for chemical weed control. Together with Vaarkamp B.V. from Ede, the first weed brush machine was developed. The NIMOS Porter.

In 1988 NIMOS introduced the first articulated implement carrier: the NIMOS Cotrac 145

In 1991 NIMOS builds the first ‘walkbehind’ weed brush machine. A line of add-on brush arms was also designed in this year

In 1993 the first NIMOS DM-Trac is introduced, the spiritual ancestor of the current NIMOS Posi-Trac K-214

In 1998 NIMOS introduces the completely new Porter-II and a new DM-Trac line is introduced.

In 2004 a new and more compact DM-Trac line is introduced. Also, the DM-Trac OKB-70 and DM-Trac OKB-110 are introduced as spiritual successors to the NIMOS Porter.

A new DM-Trac line is introduced in 2007, which includes the switch from Lombardini engines to Yanmar engines

In 2011, NIMOS introduced the successor to the MUG; the MUG-II. At the same time, a MUG with a hydraulic brush drive was introduced; the MUG-H

In 2015, NIMOS introduced the first MUG with wheel drive; the MUG-HA

In 2016, NIMOS showed the first concept model for an electric tool carrier

In 2019, the diesel engine was banned at NIMOS and the Posi-Trac K-214 went into production, followed in 2021 by the Posi-Trac F-214

In 2022, NIMOS introduced the new and compact MUG. The MUG-C


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