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Job well done

NIMOS designs and builds machines for cleaning, green management & maintenance. For 40 years. Technology that does what you want. Such as mechanical removal of weeds. More and more municipalities and contractors are therefore saying: “Once a NIMOS, always a NIMOS”.

NIMOS listens carefully to the professional. So to you. Just tell us what you need for your work and NIMOS will make it. Such as machines with extreme manoeuvrability. Handy for small paths and soft surfaces. Or sometimes you just want more horsepower for a difficult job. Or does your machine always have to fit below a height of 2 meters. You will find all these solutions in your NIMOS. We call that: Made to order..

more than 40 years
Job well done

Our values

Innovative and sustainable

What could be better? And how can we achieve that together? Two questions that we at NIMOS have been asking for 40 years. So we apply sustainable and innovative techniques. Such as clean electricity-based propulsion. A lean production process. Your profit? Maximum quality, minimum costs. Our weed brush machines clean mechanically and not with chemical agents. This means we are years ahead of legislation that will only ban these chemical agents from 2016 onwards. Another example is the special wide lawn tyres. This leaves no trace. Customer happy, everyone happy.

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Our people make the difference

Our machines are the best because our employees are too. It can be that simple. We work with an experienced team of professionals. In 40 years we have accumulated unique knowledge about machines for cleaning, green management & maintenance. That knowledge is yours. We will explain it to you upon delivery, together with the dealer. Then you immediately have a stronger start.

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Professional dealer network

In the UK, NIMOS has a professional dealer network. You will receive direct answers to all your questions there.  You can also contact a network of experienced dealers with all your questions within Europe. Of course you are very welcome in our showroom, located in Rhenen, the Netherlands.

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NIMOS importers and dealers

All our importers and dealers can be found on the contact page: contact page



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