20x8-10 Gazon/23x10,5-12 Gazon

LxWxH loading platform

2000x1150x300 mm

Loading floor height

600 mm

Towing eye height

360 mm

Track width

820 mm

Loading capacity

1000-1500 kg

Compact and combinable tipper

Tipper, kipper, transportation, mini-tractor

Of course there is plenty to combine with the Type S. Ideal for flexible scheduling of general activities. Like one day behind the tractor in the cemetery. And the next day behind a crane to take tools or move sand. Supplied as standard with rope hooks and a rotating toweye. The load floor height of this Tipper is only 63 cm. So lighten your job. In combination with a higher drawbar height, this makes it a flexible worker. Of course completely customizable according to your own wishes.

Tipper, kipper, transportation, mini-tractor
UK Type S with waste collection system
The NIMOS tippers are available in any (RAL) colour

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